Discover the exciting world of Naomi Campbell Perfumes FRAGRANCE DESIGN PRODUCT LINE CAMPAIGN DOWNLOADS FRAGRANCES OVERVIEW FRAGRANCE Naomi has mastered the subtle and artful secrets of seduction and now she wants to share them – introducing her new lucious and sexy fragrance. SEDUCTIVE ELIXIR is the key to tempt, to seduce and to conquer - it reveals the bold and the provocative hiding inside every woman. Beautiful, Innocent yet Powerful, “SEDUCTIVE ELIXIR”, can you resist? Naomi Campbell TOP NOTE Naomi Campbell’s Seductive Elixir begins with a sparkling explosion, a unique combination of juicy pomegranate and red currant blended with zesty pink peppercorns. HEART NOTE Deeper in the fragrance lies a feminine core of elegant and intense floral notes -exotic Hibiscus and Freesia mingled with the deeply sensual iced violet. BASE NOTE Warm sandalwood and musk round the fragrance off and give a soft and smooth finish. DESIGN THE FLACON The flacon suggests the mysterious and symbolic meaning of temptation and pleasure. The magic spell like aura of Seductive Elixir is perfectly embodied by the potion-like bottle, the deep enticing red colour and a sinuous snake sculpted at the bottom. PACKAGING The box, in a bold red satin finish and elegantly engraved with a snake-skin motif, introduces Naomi’s latest fragrance as the most tempting and must-have accessory for exciting summer nights. PRODUCT LINE EAU DE TOILETTE To be flirtatious, sexy and feminine at anytime and in any occasion, the enchanting Eau de toilette of SEDUCTIVE ELIXIR comes in a variety of sizes. 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml EAU DE PARFUM The intense Eau de perfume offers Naomi’s new fragrance in a seductively high concentration. 30 ml DEODORANT The deodorant enhances the enticing scent of SEDUCTIVE ELIXIR. Deo Aereosol 150 ml Deo Vaporisatueur 75 ml BODY LOTION The shower gel intensifies and completes the SEDUCTIVE ELIXIR experience. 200 ml SHOWER GEL The rich, nourishing body lotion, makes the skin silky-smooth and glowing. 200 ml CAMPAIGN KEY VISUAL A close up of wonderful Naomi surrounded by passion-red chiffon with her deep black hair enclosing her neck. Her tempting expression invites to feel the seductive power of the new fragrance; Seductive Elixir – can you resist? The striking ad campaign image pays homage to Naomi’s legendary beauty and mysterious aura. Fashion Photographers Mert and Marcus came up with a strong, highly symbolic and dream-like visual for Naomi Campbell’s new fragrance. TV SPOT tbc Mysterious music playing in a dark reddish atmosphere at night. Silk scarfs move gently with the wind. One scarf slowly starts to fall towards the ground, revealing a glimpse of Naomi’s face. Attracted by the flacon the scarf continues to fall and finally ends in a spiral around the flacon before it settles at its base. Seductive Elixir – can you resist? DOWNLOADS Seductive Elixir for your computer Wallpaper Screensaver Ring tone To install to your mobile, download the file to your computer and refer to your mobile’s manual for a detailed description.